Have RF lenses had their day ?

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Re: Photography will always be a battle between art and science

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Tom Caldwell wrote:

Back to the argument over lenses - "the look" (art) and alternative "perfection" (science). Scientific art can also be good.

But the issue that most interests me at the moment is that with the increasing need to software correct lenses in camera are we heading down another path where only lenses specifically built by a manufacturer for their own mount will amount to "perfection" and therefore photographic scientists have only a one-make everything option, or will those that prefer "the look" and ignore the "imperfections" to get what they consider "a good image" manage to struggle on with non-oem (and by definition "imperfect") lenses on cameras with very large and very scientific (perfect) sensors?

Is there cause enough to get a non-software-corrected camera body to use with well made non-software corrected lenses?

Ricoh did this with their GXR plus LM mount module - thrown precisely at this market. Hopefully they will choose to make a FF version of this module and photographers can wrestle with raw muscle and brains with MF only lenses and no artificial assistance. Real men and women, bred tough and not afraid to make mistakes.

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Tom Caldwell

Technically perfect lenses bore me, only at infinity do they have any interest to me, but I don't always shoot at infinity, I'd much rather have a lens with some character.

We agree but most of the chat seems to be the pursuit of photographs as a perfect record = "science".  This has been a divide since the very early days of photography and it shall continue forever.  But many, quite a lot, of memorable photographs would not pass the correct science test and we all know those perfect studio shots that pass into advertising are post processed lies.

I was lured into digital photography by seeing the excellence of shots taken with early 3mp Canon D30 dslr bodies.  How things move on an now nothing short of a FF sensor and 24mp at least is necessary for even everyday captures.

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Tom Caldwell

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