Sample Photos: EM-10 with new Oly 25mm 1.8 lens

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Re: Sample Photos: EM-10 with new Oly 25mm 1.8 lens

broody wrote:

That bokeh blur is too large for a normal lens, this is a telephoto. I wouldn't get too excited that we're seeing images from a new lens, as RW only hints that he's reviewing a body (which is obviously the EM10) and he never alludes that he has an unreleased lens in his hands, so this is probably the 75mm Zuiko. Then again, who knows, we just might be looking at the first images from the 40-150mm Pro lens

He didn't say a body, but a camera; the focal length are very different between the shots, from almost macro to tele. For sure, it isn't a 75mm, because it has a too long nearest focusing distance which would make the food shots near impossible to shoot.

Given RW statement that the IQ would surprise us, it is probably a compact zoom offering a very wide range of finals. Aka what mist name a compact travel camera.

Edit : thinking to it, the DOF may be too thin for a compact.. So we may look at MFT gear after all.

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