Have RF lenses had their day ?

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Re: Why the giggles?

parallaxproblem wrote:

Thank you for your advice and sharing your images, it is very helpful... those are some really beautiful pictures!

Thank you - I try (lots)

The sparrows are nice, and the eagle is really impressive! I like sparrows: sadly they are getting a bit rare in the UK now but there are still plenty in Switzerland

There is a tree full of them a couple of houses away and there are normally a few in our garden so they seem common again to me, but you're right, I don't really see them in very many places any more.

Actually static subjects do fine with what I've got, it's when things start moving that the problems start! Basically I either get a body to make better use of my 70-400 with birds/wildlife (I guess the A77) or sell the 70-400 and get both a dedicated body+lens in another system... from what you say the 7D with either 100-400 or 400/5.6 would probably be the best option in this situation

The other option is to see what the new a-mounts bring - but the reason that A77 is such good value at the moment is that it's about half launch price so I would imagine that the replacement will be back up to around £1200-£1500 when it arrives.  Sony are getting there with the AF but if (erratic) action is the main use I think that they still have catching up to do to get to the top Nikons and Canons.
If you do go down the Canon route make sure you test the lenses if you can.  I went with the 100-400 as it was actually performing better than the 400 at the same apertures on my cameras - the "trombone" zooming can take a bit of getting used to as well although the variable resistance of the slide is a nice to have.

I believe that the front element from that lens is used in some pretty high quality telescopes too from companies like Borg.

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