50mm Prime with Resolution for a D800? Come on Nikon/Sigma!

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Re: 50mm Prime with Resolution for a D800? Come on Nikon/Sigma!

light_bulb wrote:

MisterHairy wrote:

If you are finding it difficult to exploit the resolution of the D800 with an existing Nikkor 50mm lens then you are doing something wrong as all will comfortably outresolve it. You may need to look at your technique before considering blowing that sort of cash on the Zeiss 55mm as it would likely be wasted.

For some the wisdom seems to be that if anything goes wrong using Nikon gear than the fault necessarily needs to reside behind the camera.

I have done test shots handheld with a Pentax 645D and a Leica S2 at not too fast shutter speeds with excellent results in terms of resolution. Probably I am spoiled by what I have seen.

Then you should know better. Maybe you are right and everybody else is wrong, but that is the less likely explanation. FWIW, I agree that the Nikon 50mm offerings are far from stellar, but resolution is not one of their failings. Are you basing your comments on a sample of one lens or extended use of a number of different 50mm lenses?

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