K30 fried after using in rain

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Simon Devlin
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Re: Sudden change of temperature

Russell Evans wrote:

Simon Devlin wrote:

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

.. created condensation once you opened the battery door / changed the lens.

I never opened the battery door until around 5 hours after I got in!

I never changed the lens.

I don't like the conclusion either, but the rest has some merit, I think. I think putting equipment away wet and cold and then taking the equipment inside to a heated environment and leaving it in a semi sealed container is a mistake. The inside of your case probably got wet from the camera if not from it being open while you put the camera into it, the camera itself was wet, and it sounds like you were using it a little in the rain, so pumping moist air in and out as zoom and focus were changed. Once you take everything inside, that moisture has to go somewhere, but as you've closed it all in, that somewhere is going to be inside the case(bag) on the material is the last to stabilize. Which I would guess is glass, where there is little air movement around the glass possible.

If you get your camera working again, take it out in the rain again, and this time, take it out of the case and dry it off before going inside, and then leave it out of the case once inside.

My wife and I spend one wet cold week in Yellowstone mostly using telephoto zoom lenses without seals on a K10D and K20D. The equipment got very, very, wet, day after day. Each time we came back to the car, we wiped down the equipment and left it out on the seats to dry. Really, the cameras were just out on the seats because we where using, or going to be using them shortly as we moved around the park. We were cold from being outside, so I can guarantee you that the car heater was going. At night when we got to the hotel, I would take the cameras out of the bags, take the batteries out so they could go into the chargers, and wipe the cameras and lenses down again, looking for water in the nooks and crannies. A bulb blower was really good at finding water there.

The only issue we had on that trip was with the O-ME53. It's not sealed and has two glass elements in it where moisture collected. It got so fogged one the second day, we had to leave it off the camera and just shoot without a finder rubber bumper for the rest of the trip.

I do hope everything comes back working for you, one way or another.

Thank you

Russell, I didn't leave it in a semi sealed container. The WR lens looks absolutely fine and as that is what I was using I don't think I was pumping air in and out.

This K30 is a failure in the WR department, I didn't abuse it and there are a host of posts online stating exactly the same problem. The battery department, the SD card department and the 'sensor chamber' were all completely bone dry with no moisture evident at all.

The LCD seals probably are what is to blame and poor K30 quality controls and/or design.

The LCD looks damaged with water and it isn't going to cure itself.

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