Shutter Shock a myth

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Re: Shutter Shock a myth

secondclaw wrote:

I don't have a D800E but I believe there is a setting there to enable a delay, for this precise reason.

Yes there is "Exposure Delay" which I find very handy in lieu using a remote release especially for lower shutter speeds. This is to avoid camera shake due to hand or mirror. If that shutter system is similar to the A7r then it would have no positive effect to the way that shutter moves. The concerns as I understand it is when the first curtain first closes it then reopens, that's the point of possible shutter shake occurring around 1/100th. The "Exposure Delay" would be going into affect before the first curtain would be closing therefor you would still be getting the possible shake as it reopens.

John M Roberts wrote:

DavieK wrote:

If the A7R sensor is similar to the D800E, which is appears to be, it's not electronic first shutter curtain capable. Nikon has not been able to implement that and presumably Sony can't either. The 24 megapixel sensor is EFC capable and both Nikon and Sony have already made use of this.


Does my D800E shutter operate similarly and does it have a delay before the first curtain opening?

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