Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

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Re: Mike: just flood the market with mostrosities like a3000...

The 5T was not really a new model and therefore should not be considered for your argument.

Stocks are growing thin and in some cases unavailable for the 3N, the 5T, and the 7. The 5R is showing discontinued by all the retailers including the Sony Store.

Were you perhaps expecting that Sony would make an announcement every time one of their lines is discontinued? That will make them the first camera maker to do that.

Well which is it? Is it that Sony AREN'T producing the cameras YOU want OR is it that Sony aren't producing new models of traditional NEX designs? Make up your mind. The NEX-5T is a NEW model, released 4 months ago at THE SAME TIME as the a3000, just because in you delusion it isn't a new model doesn't make it so.

Then to talk about the NEX-5R being discontinued as 'a sign' of the impending doom of the traditional NEX designs, are you nuts? IT WAS REPLACED BY THE BRAND SPANKING NEW NEX-5T, 4 MONTHS AGO!!!! OF COURSE IT IS DISCONTINUED! The Canon 700D is exactly the same as the 650D but with a new kit lens, run to the hills Canon EF-S users, the Rebel line is disappearing! Now they are going to make all their cameras like the 100D, LOOK AT THE SIGNS!

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