Does anyone care to say an LX7 can't do astro?

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Re: Does anyone care to say an LX7 can't do astro?

Definitely, I was thinking for a while that I needed an SLR, there really is no need for it. I have a TCON-17x for when I need a bit of extra length in my zoom, and it's simple enough to attach, but I'm still a bit short. A TZ would be nice but then there's the issue of IQ.

I've been waiting about the last year or so for a solid camera body like the GM1 and may just head in that direction for extra versatility. However, the LX7 really can do just about everything you throw at it. The only other thing I could ask for is telephoto in a small body, but then the GM1 can do that and you can pick up a prime as well.

I think if anything that's the next direction I'm going to head in as it adds the versatility of actually having lenses and means I can probably just carry my LX7 bare. Due to it's fast lens and fixed aperture above F/2.3 the LX7 really does cover 90% of the situations any photographer would throw at it though with a sufficient compromise between IQ/sensor size/body size.

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