It aint over until the duck quacks:) D7100

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Re: It aint over until the duck quacks:) D7100

Tusk24 wrote:

Shunda77 wrote:

Tusk24 wrote:

Perhaps the ducks ought to be superbly sharp with a monster lens like the 600mm VR.

Talk about David and Goliath.

I've gotten far sharper results than with my 55-300, now that really is David and Goliath.

Was just turning off the computer when I saw your late response Shunda, so you've gotten better results with your 55-300mm lens?

Yes, Much better than what Iain posted on the other thread.

What's that wide open at 300mm, 1.8 (5.6)?

I get sharp results at 5.6 and excellent bokeh with this lens.

Yeah, in your dreams.

Well it's the reality, a sharp photograph is a sharp photograph end of story.

Goodnight and respect to all photographers who see, and bless them.

Sweet dreams.

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