Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

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Re: Mike: just flood the market with mostrosities like a3000...

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Keit ll wrote:

It is perfectly understandable that people have doubts about the future availability & styling of any APS-C NEX's. Since the half-hearted launch of the A3000 there has been an awkward silence which has generated doubt. Some NEX models have been discounted which creates the impression that they are on the way out & so far news of any new models has been rumours only.

Dealers that I have visited try to steer buyers away from the NEX & suggest the A58 for new buyers with the promise of Sony & third party lenses at an affordable cost.

I agree that it seems improbable that Sony would drop the NEX which has been successful in many countries but stranger things have happened & until Sony make a clear statement the doubt will continue.

So suddenly when they announce new NEX bodies that look like the old NEX bodies with APS-C sensors then suddenly there's no doubt and we're promised NEX cameras for 100 years? There's always doubt especially for a company that isn't doing well financially. Do you want them to have weekly conference calls telling us about what's going to be released in five years?

I'm sorry but I am not convinced by such arguments, perhaps Sony are not doing as well financially because they don't take the right decisions ?

No sudden moves are required to create confidence but unequivocal statements would help. Weekly conference calls are not needed but an occasional one wouldn't come amiss. Continuity of supply & evolutionary changes to styling does create confidence however.....

The NEX-5t was released at the same time as the a3000, 4 months ago. Again, is this not enough?

How much MORE recently should new models that look like old NEX models would suffice?

Which models have been discontinued specifically? So far as I can tell only the NEX-7, which is fair enough with a new model later this month (and being by far the oldest model in the current range).

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