Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Dave Luttmann wrote:

I don't see any of that at all. I see some people say for them they don't see any difference. I've done a number of print comparisons for people and they couldn't see anything either. I think what really happens is that a lot of people blather on about a night and day different....but when presented with a print.....can't seem to see it. Depends on format of course. But for aps-c vs FF, it is pretty much non existant. Going down to m43 it can snow up in moderate print sizes.

I ran a comparison between a D700 and Pentax K-x. At 20x30, people could not see a difference in a landscape type photo. Here is a sample comoarison showing the difference at 20x30. I think it is safe to say there is no difference at all. A shot of the house down my street. Both cameras on tripod, base iso, prime lenses. Huge difference eh?

True for many comparisons. Now try the same comparison of a scene requiring ISO 3200 and a 50% crop

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