Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

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Re: Mike: just flood the market with mostrosities like a3000...

People whinge and moan when there are 'too many' new models and whinge and moan when there are 'too few'.

The A7/R and a3000 augment the current lineup, not replace. The a3000 was designed to be a super budget model to essentially replace the a37 (but significantly cheaper again) and the A7 to be a brand new top tier camera.

The most recent traditional NEX was releases 4 months ago, I just don't see how that isn't 'enough'?

The NEX-7 is supposedly getting a replacement in Jan/Feb and will likely replace both the 6&7, but I suspect the 6 will stay on the market as a low cost alternative.

The 3 will likely see a refresh slightly later, maybe March/April (but maybe along side the new 7).

I STILL can't understand all the doomsday talk about Traditional NEX cameras'? I even created an irony thread about it that someone got so upset about they request DPR remove it.

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