It aint over until the duck quacks:) D7100

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Re: It aint over until the duck quacks:) D7100

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Shunda77 wrote:

Iain G Foulds wrote:

... Ray: I would gently offer that the art of photography is the consideration of the composition as a whole, and not merely pointing a camera and taking sharp pictures of things.

... In the world, there are trillions of sharp duck photos. It is the context and and compliment of the background and foreground which separates and distinguishes.

... Hey, don't post photos if you are only looking for compliments.

Gee whiz Iain, I think ole ray is doing a bit better with the D7100 than you have been, I'm still trying to figure out how you got such noisy soft ISO 360 shots.

These ducks are superbly sharp and detailed.

Perhaps the ducks ought to be superbly sharp with a monster lens like the 600mm VR.

Talk about David and Goliath.

As far as pure sharpness is concerned the lens Iain is shooting with is no slouch.


But,respectfully, he has to get a whole lot closer for the same shot.

With the birds he's shooting that's a whole lot easier...some of those birds will come within feet of you if given the chance.

So what lens would you have for bird photography if offered?

600mm f4 VR or 70-200 f4 ?

Yes, me too.

solely depended on what I was shooting and how far away they were...if I was shooting what Iain was and how he shoots. He'd look a little ridiculous on his walks through the park with the 600mm strapped to him. Given the distance...the 600mm would be an entire waste of time...wouldn't even be able to acquire focus...given my own shooting...I don't bother with birds like that. No interest, not really much for ducks either. I will take and am saving for a 500mm, but I also have a 300mm and a's not the size of the lens, when you use it, and the conditions that you use it in. Personally I'd also like the 70-200 and am considering that as a purchase down the line as well. I like the 80-200, but don't use it as much because what I shoot is usually further away and more challenging. It also doesn't have VR and as I get older I find I could use it.

Herby, my original response was to Shunda77.

I felt he was unfairly knocking Iain's D7100 photography to Humanoid's (who has IMO a Huge Advantage with 600mm VR lens) when you're shooting wildlife. As i said, kinda David and Goliath stuff.

But,I hear you, I also have 300mm f4 AF lens from the film days that I still find excellent from time to time(should use it more!).

Not evading you or anyone,but I'm off to bed now.

Best wishes.

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