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sean lancaster wrote:

joao 43 wrote:


You can always reply, and you will...not reading what I'm trying to say since the first post, or ignoring my main points to your saying: "At least two people on this forum who have tried the camera out at weddings have said it is not up to the task of shooting all wedding work. The focus speed became an issue and also the AF performance in low light. You are going to need a backup camera of another model or you run the risk of losing shots and/or clients."

Pure nonsense Stu. You ignore the fact that already wedding photographers like me and others don't rely either on "conventional" cameras or AF. Two people have said things that comply to their own experience and context. I say it otherwise and I'm not the only photographer that doesn't need the top Canon or Nikon to make a living out of photography or AF. In fact the majority of the top ten photographers I know work with Manual Focus and don't rely solely on AF.

I suspect when the average person here reads about the camera being up to the task of shooting weddings, we are thinking about the typical scenes where weddings are found; not how certain professionals who have their own nuanced ways of shooting. I have been using an A7R indoors for the past 4 days. The camera is not going to be usable for reliability in lower light shooting when relying on AF and therefore is not adequate for shooting weddings using AF. But I have no doubt you and some other top ten photographers are just swell using manual focus and I doubt anyone would disagree in that regard. I really like the focus peaking for manual focus on the A7R, but I lose accuracy when relying on it, it appears (at least when shooting f/1.8 - f/2.8). I have been trying manual focus for the past 2.5 years, but I still find that it is much slower than AF (e.g., on my Canon 6D). I do read that some folks here seem to be very quick with it. But most people here are much slower and that's where most of these topics are geared.


Sorry Sean if i sounded arrogant. I'm really sorry, I was just trying to show that cameras are just tools. The essential is still behind the camera. I wish I had the body of work of any of my top ten, I was not comparing myself to any of those guys. I just making a point, that the Sony A7 is perfectly adequate to a wedding. Like all tools if one chooses the A7's one should know it's limitations. If you need AF and rely on it you should never buy a Sony A7 for speed...for that you have Nikon's D4 and other tools in the market.

"But I have no doubt you and some other top ten photographers are just swell using manual focus and I doubt anyone would disagree in that regard."

Manual Focusing is a skill, unlike AF you really need to practice and have adequate tools. Not every viewfinder is adequate to manual focusing. In fact some are pretty useless.

If a Professional Photographer can't shoot a wedding in manual focus that's a shame and it's a lack of skill, but i'm not saying everyone should do it. We all have our own style and technique and I was trained that way. No need to trash a camera just choose the one that's right for you. Anyone can manual focus Sean, they just don't practice enough nowadays. It's normal to have difficulties focusing on modern DSLR's because they weren't made for that purpose. Try a Nikon F5, old Canon, Olympus or any professional film camera for that matter and i'm sure you would be surprise. Your 6d is an AF camera, manual focus is only meant to be accurate on live view. But i'm pretty sure you would beat a 6d on lowlight with a Sony A7 manual focussing. I bet on it!

Just check google for wedding photographers that use manual focus lenses, usually they're the ones that stand from the crowd.

Best regards.

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