Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: Larger sensors will retain their superiority, no matter how good smaller ones become

Per Inge Oestmoen wrote:

Whether or not my camera has a mirror is secondary. But EVF's are not as functional as optical viewfinders.
If EVF's are to replace optical viewfinders, they must be vastly more long-lived than today's OLED versions which have significantly shorter life span than LCD, they must have much higher resolution, they must use far less battery power, the lag needs to be eliminated, and they have to be capable of functioning in -40 Celsius or lower. If all these criteria are fully met, I might choose an electronic viewfinder.

Some claimed advantages of the EVF - i.e. you can check the white balance and exposure before the shot - are not of much value to some of us. Depending on what ambient conditions my eyes are used to, my perception of exposure or white balance in the EVF may not prove out in the finished shot. And anyhow, I usually touch these things up myself in PP'ing for the shots I care about. And I'm not shooting landscapes or flowers or other things where I have all day to prepare for the shot. I want a viewfinder that does the best possible job of being a viewfinder, and I prefer to leave the metering etc. to the systems on my camera which generally do a very good job of those things without my babysitting them.

When it comes to "Full Frame," it is mistaken to believe that smaller sensors are as good as larger ones. Remember, all technological advances that smaller sensors can benefit from will be applicable to Full Frame sensors too. That means that the difference in performance will remain. For this reason, larger sensors will never be obsolete no matter how good MFT and other smaller sensors become. The larger ones will still maintain their superiority, and that will be easily visible in dark environments.

People seem to forget about that. They think that m43 is moving forward and FF can't. And it is under the more demanding circumstances that the larger-sensor camera continues to get the shot while the smaller-sensor camera hits its limits.

If a smaller-sensor camera can do the job for someone and they want a camera like that, then they've got some to choose from and good for them I say. But I sure do wish the people who have made that choice would stop knocking on my door with their pamphlets, pushing their religion at me.

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