Sony a7 and Panasonic GX7: Two Cameras sitting on my desk. Must return one.

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santiclaws wrote:

The adapter has its own internal focusing mechanism which does not rely on A7's AF mechanism. It uses a different AF technology than any mirrorless camera. It is the same technology used in every DSLR - Phase Detection Auto Focus. Every mirrorless camera uses Contrast Detection Auto Focus, which is slower. The adapter, of course, adds expense and size but the AF speed will be much faster than A7 natively and should be faster than the GX7.

And I also would not worry about image quality, the GX7 should be more than enough in that department. Unless you are making huge prints or just staring at 100% blowups on your screen for the sake of staring at blowups, telling the difference in image quality is very difficult. Also, to take advantage of top notch sensor quality you need top notch lens quality, which does not come cheap.

I thought the a7 had a form of phase detection. Your saying the A Mount lenses with the LEA4 would be faster? That's what someone said before...any tests/sites available that prove that? Just curious.

I went to a Samy's Camera today 40 miles away because they said they had the 55 1.8, only to get there and find out they didn't. I played with the a7, kit lens, 35mm 2.8 FE, GX7 w/ 25mm 1.4 lens, as well as the Olympus EM1 & Sony RX10. In that lighting, the a7 AF was super fast. I couldn't make it hunt because there were no dim areas so both the 35mm and 28-70 were fast. I still like the GX7 over the Olympus (and for video I like it a lot more) but because my main task here is photos, I stuck mostly with the a7 and GX7. Hard not to like both cameras in that lighting. Anyone here have the 55mm 1.8 and can share their experience/likes/dislikes? That really might be my next lens if I keep the a7 but I might wait til my brother gets a discount on it (assuming that happens...right now only the FE kit lens gets the 25% off)

On my way back I called B&H and found out I don't have to return my GX7 until the 17th (Holiday extension) so I have another 10 days beyond what I originally thought to decide.

I know this sounds crazy, but I'm now leaning toward keeping the Sony. Probably 55% sure so really I'm still totally split. The consensus here says "stick with the GX7" which may end up winning out. Who knows at this point. One thing is that when I do pixel peep on the LCD's and EVFs (which I know isn't the best way to pixel peep) the GX7 seems to be a bit sharper, though noisier at higher ISOs in low light. I didn't expect that. Maybe its the kit lens. I don't know. Either way, I'm getting better at manual focusing already.

If I sell the Sony a7, I can then afford to keep the 25mm 1.4 lens I just bought and then I'd have 2 nice primes and 1 kit zoom.

If I return the GX7, I'd have a nice full frame camera and truthfully it'll probably be a year before I'd lose any money on it by selling it.

My wife comes back tomorrow from being gone all weekend, so I'll have to take it easy on my testing or it'll drive her nuts. When she left a couple days ago, I told her "don't worry I've made up my mind, I'm keeping the GX7" ... now look at me.

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