Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

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Re: Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

Sony APS-C Alpha/NEX Models.

3 Series: 3, C3, 3F, 3N, A3000

5 Series: 5, 5N, 5R, 5T

6 Series: 6

7 Series: 7

The 5T and A3000 were released not 4 months ago, 3N less than 1 year ago. The 7 has only been widely available for about 2 years, and the 6 about 16 months ago.

It is a bit premature to say new APS-C models are stagnating when there have been at least 2 releases in the last 12 months. If anything I would say a new 3 series model is due soon as well as maybe a 6 or 7.

Are they all going to look like A3000?  Doubt it, but it is much to early to base future camera models off the few recent cameras since the 5T was about the same time as A3000 I am doubting that style is going away.  Maybe some will, maybe 3 series will?  Who knows.


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