Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

Colin Smith1 wrote:

Writers on the Luminous Landscape have stated their belief that the age of full frame DSLRs is coming to an end for basically two reasons. One, 16 meg micro 4/3s sensors have gotten very good in quality and noise reduction that they can now be printed to 16x20 (so why would anyone want the bulkier or heavier full frame DSLR ?) Second because the of the Sony mirror less full frame with excellent EVF.

So since at least some of THEM don't need a FF DSLR, nobody does.

Since they consider an EVF as excellent, that means it's excellent for everyone. Nobody could possibly need, want or prefer an OVF.

Since they consider a larger, easier-handling camera with full body controls to be 'bulkier and heavier' then everyone else would naturally agree and want a small camera which puts size over handling.


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