K30 fried after using in rain

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Re: K30 fried after using in rain USER ADVICE
  1. 1.You must wiped clean with microfibre cloth after using in wind and rain. NEVER put back in the hard case once the camera is wet.
  2. Temperature variation and change may develop condensation
  3. Water loss are by these mechanisms, namely Evaporation,Conduction,Convection and radiation.That means there must be water egress in the open.If not ,like keeping in a tight hard case the water could only goes inside (water ingress) due to cohesiveness and capillary action of water.
  4. So it should be put outside of the bag ,wiped thoroughly and kept for at least half day in constant temperature where by all mechanisms of water loss to take place and to create dryness.
  5. Silica gel and rice acts as Adsorbents to the water and they have also suffered plateau effects of saturation depending upon the amount and duration of exposure.
  6. I am not sure about as somebody suggested affects of barometric changes(ambient pressure)
  7. AFAIAA no problems with my K5 and K30

I hope rice will do the trick in your case

Good luck


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