It aint over until the duck quacks:) D7100

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Re: It aint over until the duck quacks:) D7100

Humanoid wrote:

JimPearce wrote:

Excellent colour and detail Ray. Who won?

Hi Jim,

Guess nobody appreciates me over here in "kiddy land". I suppose I should shoot more Zoo type images and post them here. Its only a rumor, but I hear zoo critters don't runaway and you can snap until you get it right.:)

The D7100 held up nicely in my shootout and still impresses, even shot at a higher ISO to stack the deck against it.

The level of detail with the D800e is noticeable.:) The lack of the crop factor hasn't really been an issue yet with the 600mm lens.

The D7100 color seems more robust/richer over the D800e with the same settings, but the auto WB of the D800e is slightly better. I may go back to shooting auto wb.

I have a few decent images with the TC14eII, but not quite dialed in with it yet. I'll post a pic below. I think I'm going to send the D800e in to Nikon to maximize the sharpness like I have with the D7100, as I feel I'm in between adjustments.

The thin dof with the D800e is the worst part and requires images that would be F7.1 with the D7100 to be around F9 with the D800e.

The ISO of the D800e is real nice and whats not to love about the crop factor.:)

Shot on a monopod and mh-01 pro head.


I understand what you mean with fighting the DOF...been having my own joy with the 1.4 lousy light on the 300 f4 trying to shoot eagles lately on the D800...Today was the first day that the light was decent, but I still don't have things quite dialed back in since I got it back from Nikon. I'm not sure if it came back better or worse from when Nikon had it.

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