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Re: X100S or Sony NEX 6?

Smiller4128 wrote:
Thank you SO much for your input! That was very helpful! My only question for you is if you ever miss being able to change your focal length? That's my one little hurdle, as I got into DSLR's from point-and-shoots so that I could have the availability of extra length lenses should I need/want them. So coming from having several lens options to just the 23mm, do you miss it at all or is the x100s just perfect for all your needs?

Just to be clear, I've had the X100S since Christmas, so keep that in mind. I'm still very much in the learning phase for this camera!

Before I answer.... I still have the NEX-C3 with a variety of primes: Sony 16/2.8 with ultra-wideangle/fisheye adapters, M42 Takumar 28/3.5, 35/3.5, 55/1.8, and 135/2.5, and M42 Vivitar 24/2.8. So I do have options available.

I'm also primarily a wideangle shooter. I learned photography on an old Pentax Spotmatic and chose to use the 35/3.5 for my classes. Almost every single one of my photos is 35mm or wider, so working with 23mm on the Fuji is very familiar to me. In the two-ish weeks I've had this camera, I have not felt any need for another focal length, mostly just taking snapshots/portraits so far; it's worth noting that I really, really, really dislike taking close up portraits, finding them boring and uninteresting (please don't see this as an attack on those who feel otherwise!). Surely over time I will wish for some other lenses, but that's kind of the point of having a fixed lens - sometimes you just have to give up a shot and on the flip side, it's nice being limited to a single focal length, as you already know the perspective and field of view before the camera's turned on.

So my answer to your question is no, I don't miss having 9000 lenses. Just note my personal caveats!

If it's in your budget, the best "compromise" (quotes because it's the most expensive) is getting a Fuji ILC. You retain the cathartic experience of the X100S, but with more lenses!

Some more random thoughts and pieces of context:

  • Once (if??) I get over the honeymoon phase with the X100S and go out with my NEX-C3, I'd use it with the 16/2.8. I've said this before, but if you get the NEX-6, get the 16/2.8. It's so much fun (look at this thread and this thread).
  • The NEX-6 is pretty freakin' cheap right now.
  • Every (every) review of the X100S is glowing. You can't say that of the NEX-6, but people will gripe about differences from it and the other NEX cameras, compare it to 50lb FF Canons with white lenses, etc.
  • I gave away my NEX-6 for the X100S, despite how much I enjoyed it.

You should definitely rent the X100S if you can (obviously I didn't, so go figure). If you're in the US or Canada, I know of Lens Rentals and Lens Rentals Canada. It's a little expensive, but first hand experience is first hand experience (and I might've ended up with a NEX-5 or 5N instead of a C3..... sadface). You might be able to accurately imagine the experience with a NEX-6, coming from a D7100, but the X100S is very very different. If there's one thing to take away from this post, it's this: Coming from a DSLR, the X100S will change the way you shoot, and the NEX-6 will modify your current experience.

Incidentally, my dad has a D7100 with the 35/1.8 and 18-105, so I could even talk about the D7100 vs. X100S! hahaha. My family likes cameras...

Compared to the D7100 and NEX-6 (and ignoring the more obvious differences), the X100S feels more intuitive to me. Sure, both of the ILCs have fancy buttons and dials and heated seats, but there is something about the simplicity of the Fuji's layout and controls. It feels natural and organic. You might complain a little bit with manual focus, since the D7100 has the whole mirror thing going for it, but the peaking does work on the Fuji, and I haven't had too much trouble so far. When I do, I just switch to AF. Perhaps a firmware update will give us more peaking colors.

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