Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

I don't think full frame SLRs are obsolete. They could be on the path to being niche products though.

I use a mix of FF (5D Mark III) and M4:3 (Oly E-P5). The E-P5 gets used more and more. But when I need the big camera there is just no substitute. And right now, if I could have just one kit it would have to be the 5D Mark III. The E-P5 is good for about 80-85% of what I do, but the remaining 15% is "Mission Critical" stuff that I can't just walk away from.

I would argue that improvements in sensor technology and camera design actually pose a bigger threat to APS sized SLRs. The M43 sensors and APS sized mirrorless cameras could really drive a stake through the heart of entry to mid range APS dSLRs.

When non tech people ask me which Canikon DXXXX (APS sized sensor camera) they should get I ask them if they've considered an Olympus or Panasonic M43 or Sony NEX. They're smaller, lighter and have terrific image quality. For a lot of these folks, ease of use and portability are paramount.

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