The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: The Philosophy of Nikon Df

eastvillager wrote:

No it makes me a professional photographer. Sir your pictures are of an amatuer photographer. They're family snapshots and simple landscapes. I don't need to recap my career here but Sir I've been a professional photographer, published in about every magazine published across the world and a university instructor in photography my entire life. My last workhorse a D3 had 250,000 actuations on just that camera alone and my D700 has about the same. My new D4, 100,000 in a year. I don't collect cameras I use them.

sgoldswo wrote:

With respect, I have 5 cameras listed, as being currently owned the same number as you. I note some of your are the newest and most expensive models too. Does that make you a "camera collector"?

Eastvillager, I'm also a working pro. I have no idea of what your skill set is or who you really are; not that it matters.

My work is very basic. I do product shots, line sheets, still life, occasional set shooting for film, mural sized prints for exhibitions/shows and so on. No, my work is not in magazines. I have not ever tried to shoot for the New Yorker.

But I do pretty darn well with "easy" stuff. My other usage is for family and yachting, the latter being something I've been contracted for this season coming up.

So here's why I like the Df:

1) Smaller and lighter than my D800

2) Smaller files

3) Great IQ at high ISO with minimum of PP fuss.

4) Dual mode interface (dials or command wheels) is more flexible than my D800.

5) FUN to use (absolutely subjective)

The only other FX option would have been the D610, a camera that I don't find as comfortable to hold as my D800 or Df and really adds nothing to my kit.

Now let's move on to the two people I know who bought the Df to work along side their D4. They did this to have D4 IQ and workflow that is identical, yet available in a much smaller package. Both absolutely love the Df. As Moose Peterson said, "They get it."

So can you provide a concise reason why the Df was not a good pick?



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