The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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philharris wrote:

eastvillager wrote:

I think Kai and Ming are just trying to make fun of the fanboys who like the DF. In reality the camera is a joke with so many problems it's hard to believe anyone would buy it. But to defend it is even more absurd and I think serious photographers or reviewers think people who defend the camera open themselves up to ridicule for being so naive. If I had a camera I loved I wouldn't be on here taking all the mud slinging. I had a Fujix100. I drank the cool aid and bought it and sold it in a month. It sucked. Slow and terrible focus. I didn't defend it. I said it was poorly designed. Many like on here defended it. I guess for some it's hard to admit you bought the hype and made a mistake. If I bought a DF and got blindsided by the Nikon brand I'd bite the bullet and sell it quick to recoup my money. With so many wonderful cameras out there such as the D4 and D800 which I own and use and the D610 which I don't but seems to be a bargain for what it gives you, you'd have to have drank the cool aid to be suckered into thinking the DF is nothing more then a complete failure. I use cameras for work. My D3 had 250,000 actuations when I bought my D4. Buying a DF sends a message to the camera companies that hype beats quality and I and many others think to support the hype by buying a misfit of a camera only encourages them to manufacture even more crap. Unlike the D4 and D800 there was no waiting list to buy the DF. Even though Nikon Professional Services sent out a blast to reserve one they were there for the taking since no pro wanted them. The D4 and D800 had waiting lists for months and months even if you were an NPS member. With the choices available no pro in his right mind would shoot with such a convoluted operating system that the DF employes. When I need to change controls quickly I need the buttons at my fingertips not some two handed juggling act of a camera. Sorry.

So could you explain which adjustment on your D4 or D800 takes only one button or wheel adjustment rather than 2 on the Df?

Not meant to support the ridiculous post by east villager (he seems to have a vendetta against anyone who likes the Df), but just for info on differences in handling between the cameras:

- Easy ISO on the D800 (though, for some strange reason not available on the D4)

- Easty Exposure Compensation on the D4/D800

- 1/3 stop SS are directly available through the rear dial on the D4/D800 versus having to adust the top dial to 1/3 stop on the Df first and then use the dial (and if you always leave it there so you can access the 1/3 stops, I don't personally get it's value?)

As far as I remember, adjusting ISO takes a button push plus wheel adjustment, as does exposure compensation, so in what way is the Df so much more difficult?

- when Easy Iso is enabled, the rear dial controls ISO directly in A mode and the front dial controls ISO directly in S mode.

- when Easy Exposure Comensation is enabled, the rear dial controls EC directly in A mode and the front dial controls EC directly in S mode.

However, I don't believe these can be used together as you'd have a control conflict.

I have had the camera for a few weeks and find it as quick to use as my D800 when I want it to be. This tends to be what happens when you actually use something for a while.

I love the Df, and don't appreciate someone suggesting I have been suckered into buying it. The image quality is excellent and I find it very engaging to use, I understand you don't but there is no need to insult me for my choice.

Agreed - I don't understand why some feel the need to insult someone on their choice in camera just because they don't like it for some reason.

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