K30 fried after using in rain

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Simon Devlin
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Re: K30 fried after using in rain

James O'Neill wrote:

Simon Devlin wrote:


I bought it from Jessops online UK. There is a shop in my city...

So much for your WR advertising Pentax and marketing this as a hikers camera.

Even if it did work again this is clearly not a WR camera.

Yours might not be which suggests a fault in the seals, which is then just like any other failure. Making a claim when the warranty has run out and status of the retailer is unclear (Does "reborn" Jessops have responsibility for "old" Jessops sales) might be a world of frustration. My last two Pentaxes bought from SRS had "two years warranty" written on the receipt, it might be worth checking to see if your warranty really was only one year.

Thanks James,

There clearly is a fault in the seals. I'm not sure about Jessops but usually a company also buys the previous owners responsibilities.

SRS (I have bought lenses from them) always seem to give a longer warranty somehow.

I'll have a look at the paperwork tomorrow and I hope it does say 2 years.

I'll take it down to the shop and see what they say, then contact Pentax and if I have no success I'm straight off to consumer rights (I have done well here before to say the least)

They'd be very unwise to try and fob me off!

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