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John Byrne wrote:

From what I've been reading and hearing the weather is particularly cold with heavy snows in certain parts of the States but not so near to you it seems. Is it that when the fires went through they exposed these rocky outcrops and they have not re generated yet, or is there some other explanatition.

I enjoyed your image.



It has been cold here and in Oregon in general but little snow. Actually Oregon's snow-pack is way below average and that is pretty much for the whole state. Some of the areas in the Cascade Mountains to the East side of the state are far below average and even at around 1/3 of what they had last year.

Here at the south end of the Blue Mountains snow is ... not much at all. Usually at this time of year this area, the spot that I took the image from would not be accessible because of deep snow and there is none up there presently. So this year and unless we get the snow soon and have a very wet spring summer is going to be a very dry one indeed. Forecast for the next 10 days or so says some snow ... maybe but it does not look that it will amount to much.

This rock outcropping was before 1992 surrounded and covered by huge Yellow Pine and the fire burned quite hot and took most all of them from the area. There was some reforestation done but not nearly enough. It really seems to me (my humble opinion) that our "Forest Circus" would rather waste the dollars on working on closing our public access to our National Forest rather then putting it into our other resources such as reforestation which would be better use. In 2007 (i think that was the date) another fire burned through part of the 1992 burn and I do not believe the "Forest Circus" has done any reforestation at all in the area since that second fire.
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