The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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The Df philosophy? Quick & easy: "Oh, look, retro is the new cool now! Let's take a D600, remove video, popup flash, 2nd card slot, AF assist light, let's swap the sensor with the D4's, stick everything into a (not-so-well-built) retro body full of clicky dials, and let's ask the same money as a D800/D800E"

Nothing more than that, really. This is the marketing philosophy behind it in a nutshell.

Not so well built ???
As a Leica user i can only say that the DF has an excellent build quality at the same level as an E M1.
Did you use a DF ???

Yes I used one.

Build quality is just a hair better than a D600. It actually is the same build quality but with a magnesium alloy bottom instead of a plastic one. The core frame of the camera is still made of plastic like in the D600/D610, so build quality is nowhere near D800 / D700 / D3 /D3S / D4 levels. Oh and I did not mention the Df's flimsy battery door that seems like falling off each time you open it....

Frankly from a stripped-down, basic DSRL with a near 3K price tag I would have expected far, far better build quality.

I have to disagree - I've owned a D600 and the build quality is substantially different

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