whats up with my FZ200 images

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Re: whats up with my FZ200 images

It's all allready said.
HIG ISO and over jpg Noise reducction is ruining your picture..

You don't need to stop down your aperture to keep deep of field with compacts cameras... as with DSLR or bigger sensors..
f/2.8 may let the close foreground out of focus and get some chromatic aberrration in some high contrast borders.
But in this light condition I'd probably use f/2.8 this is 3 EV stops more, in your example you could use ISO 100 and half the shutter speed getting the same exposition with LOT LESS Noise nor the jpg smearing....
This one you have can be de no is edge with any software like lightroom. And won't be that bad.

For you broke know iPhone, Wich you like, uses f/2.2... if you were able to force it to f/8 result would be a complete mess.
Ahhh. Almost forgot... try to let the iPhone alone with timer trigger over something to take the picture and let me know.....
I guess you cannot talk to the FZ200 either....

Remember the hardest part to use of a camera may be just behind your eyes...

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