Have RF lenses had their day ?

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Re: and in the new reality ...

Right at the moment brand-loyalty and the wonder of a FF sensor actually working in such a small format will keep the A7 type going for a while.

A lot depends upon just how much market purchase the A7 type gets before some other manufacturer provides something similar..  In fact I have wondered why Canon, for instance has not provided a mirrorless version of one of their FF dslr cameras - it would hardly need to be as small as the A7 type is.  Most Canon users would accept it without question even in current EF mount form, whereas they now must be dallying with the thought of an A7 type and an EF adapter.  Size cannot be a real consideration there considering that a half decent EF lens comes with its own size burden, the FE lenses also.

As other manufacturers iin due course "invent" their own take on FF sensor mirrorless then Sony might struggle a bit.

I see the A7 type as an amazing achievement by technical geeks who have not a lot of appreciation of how to build a good user interface.  I was surprised at just how many user interface flaws that the A7r when I had a chance to handle one properly.  If Sony had made these wonders that were also a delight to use then their progress might have been closer to unstoppable.

Right at the moment those buying into the A7 type are completely carried away by the thought that such a large sensor can be built into such a small body and obviously the results reflect well on this technical tour de force.

However a more user friendly similarly specified camera from one or more of the opposition companies is bound to throw a big challenge to Sony to think harder on the fact that photography is supposed to be an intuitive pleasure and the less learning required and awkwardness of use in your camera  the more pleasant the camera must be to own and use.  Consider a whole range of controls recessed in a ledge on the back of the camera - the first thing I noticed - what had the designers been drinking when they designed this?  That is a very elementary design error  that even one of my grandaughters would not have made. Consider the tractor like ratchet on the EV wheel, or even why the wheel has to be so large or even exist at all - what was really wrong with the quick simple, easily used, and very visual EV control on the NEX6?  It seems like a swipe for the retro-look market on a camera that is far from retro.  People must like great big tractor knobs on top of their cameras even if the rest of the controls are then thrown about like crazy to make room for it.  Then the front wheel sitting in an angled ledge that forces the finger to run around its edge?  The placement of the shutter button on the NEX6 is about perfect - but this is abandoned on the A7 type - why?

Of course if all you wanted was a Sony and that Sony had to be small and have a FF sensor and nothing else mattered much then the A7 type has to be just about perfect.

Right now the A7 type is without any serious challenger in its specification slot.  Methinks that the popularity of thhe dslr has not suffered in these parts and the plethora of models and long amortised R&D costs leave plenty of room for some pretty savage discounts if necessary.  Sony needs to get a lot of A7 type camera bodies out there to justify making FE lenses - look forward to some interesting price deals to come as Sony tries to get market share and the dslr guys try to keep it.

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