50mm Prime with Resolution for a D800? Come on Nikon/Sigma!

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Re: 50mm Prime with Resolution for a D800? Come on Nikon/Sigma!

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

light_bulb wrote:

Sorry, but you must be kidding.

Nope, far from it. The break point is about 3200 lwph at most, which most lenses can do without breaking a sweat, at least center to mid stopped down a bit. Download any of the full size jpgs available all over the net or use one of your own. Clearly visible pixels will be the result zoomed in, which you can count one by one in Photoshop on the pixel grid from one side to the other. Want higher resolution? You'll have to buy a 50MP camera. Not what you wanted to hear, but pixels don't lie:

Portland, OR


Corner sharpness and overall contrast, color, etc. are all still in play, but not resolution with any 50mm stopped down. If you have any 50mm D800e full size jpgs which will not show pixels at 400%, by all means put a few of them up so we can see them.

Well, centre to mid is not sufficient anyway. However I will check out whether I do have an issue with my sample.

BTW, it is quite some time ago that I was in Portland OR on a trip all the way down from Vancouver to LA.

Cheers Andreas

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