50mm Prime with Resolution for a D800? Come on Nikon/Sigma!

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Re: 50mm Prime with Resolution for a D800? Come on Nikon/Sigma!

Scott McMorrow wrote:

MisterHairy wrote:

If you are finding it difficult to exploit the resolution of the D800 with an existing Nikkor 50mm lens then you are doing something wrong as all will comfortably outresolve it. You may need to look at your technique before considering blowing that sort of cash on the Zeiss 55mm as it would likely be wasted.

Please define the technical term "out resolve" in a scientific manner, rather then just bandying it about like everyone else in the thread seems to. What do you mean when you say that a lens out resolves a sensor? What is the test method?

I think that should be easy to define.

A lens out resolves a sensor when the maximum sensor resolution is reached with that lens. You can assume that the same lens on a better sensor would still have something to give.

However, I think all, or almost all, Nikon lenses fit that definition concerning the D800, so I am not worried for the next update.

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