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parallaxproblem wrote:

JamieTux wrote:

I rented one the week I bought my A99 as the G2 wasn't available in the UK for a job (it actually got delivered while I was out on the job) and the G1 was very quick on the A99 - my 5D2 toting wedding phootgrapher colleague couldn't get over how fast it focussed!

Intersting, you found the 70-400 G1 and G2 had similar AF performance on the A99?

I didn't try them side by side in the end - but the G1 was pretty fast (with a caveat later).

That suggests potentially decent peformance on the A77..?

Maybe - maybe it has a lighter AA filter too - that can make quite a difference.I've used both quite a lot (I used the 5D2 for a couple of years too) - the 5D2 had the same AF issue as the A900, in that only the centre one was reliable. It's a great sensor for its age but an awful camera - the metering was shot too. I had the 7D at the same time and it was a much better camera (although the sensor was not as good, especially as the ISO rose - which you would expect!).

Thank you for sharing this experience!

How would you rate the 7D against the A77?

OK first caveat is that I've not owned actually an A77, I have used them but for my own kit I went straight to the A99 when I bought back into Sony - but most of these comments hold true for the A99 which I've used a lot.

The first point is though that it depends what you are using it for - I like the look of Sony files and love the Zeiss lenses, I also like the tiltable screen and like manipulating DR a lot in post for landscapes so my decision is easy ... If this was mainly a camera for birding though...

Do you have a feeling about the combination of 7D+100-400 vs A77+70-400, particularly in terms of AF and IQ?

The 7D has very quick AF, very intelligent tracking, great metering, decent noise at high iso and a really neat 'spot' focus to peer through branches.

The A99 focus is much better than the A99 but it's still not at high end Canon or Nikon levels really (other than centre point). Like I said it's not any quicker than the A7r with the LA-EA4 with the same lens.

The 7D retains a lot of detail at low ISOs, it goes at higher ISOs (but the files are still pretty clean if you nail exposure). You also have a much bigger choice of lenses (the 400 f5.6 and Sigma 12-300 f2.8 spring to mind on sensible(ish) budgets). So if it were just for birding and wildlife I would choose the Canon personally.

Most of my work photography is people or products though so my needs are very different to a birders

Here are some of my personal shots with the 7D though if you're interested

For comparison, here's the first 400mm shot I found on flickr that I took with the A99 and 70-400 - conditions are fairly close to some of those Sparrows...

So for static(ish) subjects my Sony combo wins for me, I would expect the A77 to do pretty similarly at ISO 200 with the same lens

That's the real issue - especially once they are out of warranty. At low ISO though the A77 doesn't give anything up to the A900 in terms of IQ - and it "gives" reach.

Only problem is that high-ISO is useful in typical 'dirty' northern European lighting conditions Noise performance is another nice property of the 16MP APS-C sensor, being acceptable up to 1600 and sometimes useable at 3200

I know - I live in the UK

I don't know how much the checking would cost, but if it's a significant fraction of the price of the A77 I think that the A77 would be a better choice, especially if the A900 is working well with other lenses and the lens is working well on other bodies.

To be honest I'm not 'pixel-peeping' to the same extent on the shorter focal lengths and don't need anything like the level of crop... but I've been satisfied with the performance at lower focal lengths what I need

I'll ask the price, but I think they'll want to send it to Germany which will mean a couple of months without either body or lens

I'll see if I can speak with a tech and send them the images in case there is some 'known issue' with longer lenses on the A900 which could be causing it...

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