50mm Prime with Resolution for a D800? Come on Nikon/Sigma!

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Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: 50mm Prime with Resolution for a D800? Come on Nikon/Sigma!

Scott McMorrow wrote:

3200 lw/ph is below the pixel resolution of the D800, which is 4912 lw/ph. A lens with an MTF50 of 3200 lw/ph most certainly does not out resolve the sensor.

Actually it does, easily.  Any lens shows all available pixels at 3200 per Photozone, which is all that matters:

Imaging Resource D800e

No magic lens can add more pixels. You cannot make any lens produce more pixels and add resolution once you're already there, any more than you could somehow force your 1080p TV to show more detail.  Digital is pretty cut and dried that way.  I would defy anyone to reliably tell one 50mm at f8 from another at any magnification.

The lens will be the weak link. However, you didn't specify whether this was MTF80,MTF50, MTF30, MTF10, or some other contrast metric used to specify resolution.

Use your eyes and your favorite viewer to zoom in and see.  There's no great mystery going on here.

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