X100S or Sony NEX 6?

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Re: X100S or Sony NEX 6?

Long post ahead...

I actually had a NEX-6, and I gave it to my sister for xmas to make room for an X100S lol. So here's my side of the story...

The NEX-6 is a great camera. I started with a NEX-C3, bought a 6 earlier this year. I had/have the Sigma 30/2.8, 18-55 kit zoom, 16-50 kit zoom, 16/2.8 with both adapters, and some M42 Takumar lenses from eBay and my dad, 35/3.5, 28/3.5, 24/2.8, 55/1.8, and 135/2.5. I brought the whole kit to Rio de Janeiro for a few weeks recently, using primarily the 28/3.5 and 16/2.8, and the NEX-6 was f*cking delicious. Focus peaking was easy peasy, I loved the way it handled during use, and the viewfinder was a welcome improvement from the C3. The electronic front shutter was also nice, as it kept the camera quiet and let me take some nice handheld slow shutter photos at night. I enjoyed using the Sony 100%. No complaints whatsoever, but I did notice that the out of camera jpegs were a little underexposed. The RAWs were fine, obviously.

But then my sister wanted a travel camera, so I thought, "Why not have my NEX-6? It's small and quality, so it should last you a while." I gave her the 6, both zooms, and the Sigma 30/2.8, leaving the rest for myself and my C3. The C3+16/2.8 is an excellent combination btw, and I've had a lot of fun with that.

Anyway... So I bought an X100S as an xmas present to myself. Again, no complaints. I love the controls and handling, and I feel perfectly at home with the 23mm focal length. I've only had the camera for a couple weeks, but it's been an absolute blast so far, and the out of camera jpegs are amazing. I almost feel no need to shoot in RAW sometimes. In my opinion, 23mm on APS-C is the perfect focal length.

If you really want interchangeable lenses, get the NEX-6, or look into the Fuji XE-2/Xpro-1, etc. But, since you asked about those two particular cameras, here are my thoughts:

  • Manual focusing on the NEX-6 is better. They both have peaking, but the Sony lets you use yellow as a peaking color, which works much better for me than white, the exclusive color on the Fuji.
  • The EVF is about the same on both, i.e., perfectly fine. There's some lag in low light, but who cares? It's not that bad. There's an OVF on the Fuji if you like that, but I'm almost always in manual focus so can't use it.
  • The controls on the Fuji win hands-down. Those dials....
  • I don't have a problem with either menu system but I usually only care about the basic controls, and then maybe the self-timer.
  • The Fuji has a built-in 3 stop ND filter. Nice to have, but kind of trivial in the long run.
  • If you want 24mm on the NEX, you're kind of limited to the Zeiss lens, unless you're like me and get an old legacy lens.
  • JPEGs straight of the Fuji will bring tears to your eyes.
  • I do miss the extra grip available on the NEX-6. But I live with it.
  • While I had a lot of fun with the NEX-6 and thoroughly respect it as a camera, I have more fun with the Fuji.

If possible, rent both. They are both amazing cameras, but will serve you in different ways.

Good luck! You'll have fun regardless.

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