Have RF lenses had their day ?

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Re: Why the giggles?

JamieTux wrote:

I rented one the week I bought my A99 as the G2 wasn't available in the UK for a job (it actually got delivered while I was out on the job) and the G1 was very quick on the A99 - my 5D2 toting wedding phootgrapher colleague couldn't get over how fast it focussed!

Intersting, you found the 70-400 G1 and G2 had similar AF performance on the A99?

That suggests potentially decent peformance on the A77..?

Maybe - maybe it has a lighter AA filter too - that can make quite a difference.I've used both quite a lot (I used the 5D2 for a couple of years too) - the 5D2 had the same AF issue as the A900, in that only the centre one was reliable. It's a great sensor for its age but an awful camera - the metering was shot too. I had the 7D at the same time and it was a much better camera (although the sensor was not as good, especially as the ISO rose - which you would expect!).

Thank you for sharing this experience!

How would you rate the 7D against the A77?

Do you have a feeling about the combination of 7D+100-400 vs A77+70-400, particularly in terms of AF and IQ?

That's the real issue - especially once they are out of warranty. At low ISO though the A77 doesn't give anything up to the A900 in terms of IQ - and it "gives" reach.

Only problem is that high-ISO is useful in typical 'dirty' northern European lighting conditions Noise performance is another nice property of the 16MP APS-C sensor, being acceptable up to 1600 and sometimes useable at 3200

I don't know how much the checking would cost, but if it's a significant fraction of the price of the A77 I think that the A77 would be a better choice, especially if the A900 is working well with other lenses and the lens is working well on other bodies.

To be honest I'm not 'pixel-peeping' to the same extent on the shorter focal lengths and don't need anything like the level of crop...  but I've been satisfied with the performance at lower focal lengths what I need

I'll ask the price, but I think they'll want to send it to Germany which will mean a couple of months without either body or lens

I'll see if I can speak with a tech and send them the images in case there is some 'known issue' with longer lenses on the A900 which could be causing it...

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