Do you own both an e-pl5 and an em1?

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Re: Too much information in the box for making a focusing decision????

Isabel Cutler wrote:

Vinc T wrote:

Depending on what I shoot, using the small focusing box could slow focusing down quite a bit as there wasn't too much information inside the box for making a focusing decision. Guess I will set it back to the default size very soon for my kind of shooting.

Seems to me a larger box would have even more information.


I guess a small AF box has a better chance of covering only a homogeneous area than a larger AF box, which would more likely cover somethings with very good contrast for making a fast focusing decision. Of course, I could be wrong!

(By the way, I wonder why Olympus does not allow their pdf files to be edited, like highlighting. Now I have to search the pdf file again to see how I can change the size of the AF box again!)

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