Have RF lenses had their day ?

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Is that why they gave a voucher for a free metabones adapter in Australia?

but I am sure that there will be other FE lenses and cameras further down the range, I know that what drove me to move away from NEX and further in to M43 was the lack of decent lenses in E mount - so if you're right about the strategy it backfired at the time (I had the LA-EA1 too before the 2 was announced).

I think there were several reasons for the lack of lenses, not least that Sony didn't understand who was buying NEX cameras (how many versions of the 18-200? how few pancake prime lenses?) and probably some internal politics and competition between the various depts (which the NEX team seems to have lost) not to mention floods etc

The fact remains that A7/r series and NEX are very different product ranges which have a different philosophy, as you seem to accept

Yes, the original firmware kind of showed that Sony were trying to dumb everything down on the NEX and give point and shoot users an upgrade path to interchangeable lens cameras (to sell lenses and accessories) - the A7 realises that it's an enthusiast camera from the off.

It's not an issue in 'normal' photography, but for wildlife/birds every nano-second counts...

I bought the LA-EA2 for that specific task as prior to that I was using the LA-EA1 and MF

OK - well hopefully I can do some of that soon - our weather over here has been newsworthy pretty much since I picked up my A7r - I am hoping to try some birding as soon as the weather clears.  I thought initially that the A99 focussed more quickly than my A7r plus adapter - but after lots of testing I've realised that it's pyschological.  However - it's not as sophisticated and doesn't have things like the focus limiter of the A99 (and doesn't have IBIS!)

I also have an A900, and the 70-400G (v1) is a dream operationally when used on that camera (direct access to all the features I want), but a disappointment in terms of IQ ( http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/52639783 ). However the reverse is true of the same lens mounted on a NEX-5R via LA-EA2

I only had the 70-300G on me A900 and the IQ was very impressive (including a day in a national park in Malawi and lots of birds in flight even on overcast days) - everything that I read or heard said that the 70-400 was better too and when I tried it earlier this year (before I got the G2) on my A99 the results were very good!

A900 also performs pretty badly with my 500/8 reflex

One of the potential causes might be 'Mirror Slap' which obviously wouldn't be a problem for the A99...

I've not really seen much difference on long lenses between My A99 and A900 (on centre focus point).

I'm stuck with the G1... Nice optics and build, but somewhat 'lethargic' (at least on the LA-EA2, maybe different on the A77 or A99?)

I rented one the week I bought my A99 as the G2 wasn't available in the UK for a job (it actually got delivered while I was out on the job) and the G1 was very quick on the A99 - my 5D2 toting wedding phootgrapher colleague couldn't get over how fast it focussed!

Thanks for the suggestion

My A900 works very with shorter focal lengths but is not good with either my 70-400 or my 500/8 reflex. Looking at commentaries from the time of launch on Dyxum, people found that the 70-400 worked better with the A700 than with the A900 and there was lots of talk about vibration issues with the A900 and having to hold the camera in a special way to 'absorb the vibrations' (!)

Yeah - I remember those posts but I never found that personally...  I sold it in the end as the AF was too sluggish off centre and I was shooting some high end sports that it didn't like!  The A99 is a big improvement there - although there still isn't a great choice of lenses for that type of thing in either Sony mount at the moment.

In terms of pure IQ, my NEX-5R/70-400G combo also rather convincingly stompedl-over a friend's 5DII with 100-400 (though their superior AF and deeper buffer meant they got many shots I missed). 5DII and A900 were contemporaries...

I've used both quite a lot (I used the 5D2 for a couple of years too) - the 5D2 had the same AF issue as the A900, in that only the centre one was reliable.  It's a great sensor for its age but an awful camera - the metering was shot too.  I had the 7D at the same time and it was a much better camera (although the sensor was not as good, especially as the ISO rose - which you would expect!).

I think the (obviously) superior performance of the NEX over the A900 was down to two factors

- Mirror slap and 'shutter shock' (whatever) on the A900

Maybe - maybe it has a lighter AA filter too - that can make quite a difference.

- Newer, higher resolution sensor on the NEX-5R

I guess I could get it checked-over... cheaper than buying an A77 if they do find something (but money down the drain if they don't...)

That's the real issue - especially once they are out of warranty.  At low ISO though the A77 doesn't give anything up to the A900 in terms of IQ - and it "gives" reach.  I don't know how much the checking would cost, but if it's a significant fraction of the price of the A77 I think that the A77 would be a better choice, especially if the A900 is working well with other lenses and the lens is working well on other bodies.

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