The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: The Philosophy of Nikon Df

Sir you have 21 cameras listed on your gear page. A half dozen are the newest and most expensive cameras around. You collect cameras. Obviously you enjoy photography but by the look of your flickr portfolio you could really get by with one of any of them. I wish I had money to burn like you.

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eastvillager wrote:

Why would you want a DF if you have a D800E? To collect cameras? At the price of the DF it's not exactly the kind of camera you buy on a whim. The D800 are solid beasts with the wonderful Nikon IQ.

sgoldswo wrote:

tissunique wrote:

Eastvillager, I agree. I've heard it said that the DF is a D4 at half the price. What absolute nonsense. And so untrue. In fact the DF is more expensive than the D4 and I'll explain why:
It lacks several features. It is not a 'pro' camera in the strict sense. It doesn't offer video. It's way smaller and of far lesser build quality. It is far less capable. It is far slower. And I could go on. When you add up all the minuses it's actually way more expensive than a D4 and just about every other full-frame camera out there. That's how silly it is. Now if it was 40% cheaper I would buy one but why should I when there's the D800 and D610 available from Nikon - both offering much more.

But what if I don't care about continuous shooting speed, don't want video, want a smaller full frame camera and the build is far better than my D600 (it is) and virtually on a par with my D800E (it is)?

Because i use them for different purposes? Because the D800E is good, but not great at higher ISOs? Because a lot of the time I want to use a smaller, lighter camera that has a good range of lenses. Put it this way, the D800E sucks for street and candid shooting.

If you think I'm a "camera collector" (whatever that is) take a look at the flickr feed in my footer. You'll see I use all the cameras I own regularly. For posterity, here's one with the D800E:

and here's one with the Df.

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