Please help me to stay with Pentax!

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Re: Please help me to stay with Pentax!

You may want to think about other things besides pure image quality since any of these cameras can do a fine job in this department. Stuff like focus capability and lenses available for your needs may matter a lot here.

Regarding shooting dogs. If you prefocus at certain stops in the course, then you may want to maintain the same depth of field no matter what system you use. If that is the case, f5.6 on a full-frame camera will give you the same depth of field as f4 shot on an APS-C sensor. This means that the K3 will allow you to shoot at either higher shutter speeds, or lower ISO setting as that of the full-fraome cameras that you are considering.

Therefore, if you repeat the test again, do shoot the K3 at ISO 800 and the 6D and D600 at 1600. This should help the image quality of the K3 against the other two.

I just helped a friend get a camera for shooting theater shows. The choices for him were a Canon 6D, a Nikon D7100, and a Olympus EM-1. The guy decided against the 6D because of the weight of the system with the lenses he had to get. He rented the Nikon D7100 and the Olympus EM-1. In the end, he went for the EM-1 with the 12-40/2.8 lens. In his case, maintaining a sufficient depth-of-field was a necessary factor for him. So, roughly, f2.8 on the EM-1 = f4 on the D7100 = f5.6 on the 6D to maintain equivalent depth of field.

Good luck with you choice! I have a friend which competes (with her dogs) in dog agility competitions!

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