Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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I agree ....

Guess I wasn't clear, but I am the silly person with the Linhof, Hasselblad (all from the studio I work for, I am not rich) who drags around a full frame with lenses on holidays because I find the image quality still visibly better than from smaller sensors with lots more leeway to post process the images if needed.

I just tried to be factual, certainly not condescending. What's condescending about the fact that many if not most people carrying around DSLR's never use the full potential? It's what marketing does to people. Buy something you don't really need.

So I stick to my point that full frame is here to stay for two reasons I mentioned.

1. Through clever marketing and decreasing prices of full frame cameras some will switch to full frame coming from smaller sensor cameras because they think they need the extra image quality even if they actually don't need it.

2. There is a stable group of people (pro and non pro) that actually does use and needs the extra quality and knows how to get it (besides idiots like me)

I am not a marketer and I don't know how large these groups are, but as long as they are large enough to make a profit manufacturers will keep making full frame DSLR's. Definitely not obsolete.

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