Myth of "The Same Sensor"

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K E Hoffman
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Myth of "The Same Sensor"

This week alone there must be a dozen posts using the phrase "SAME SENSOR"

To justify comparing difference cameras in an attempt to ID a "design fault" in one camera.  Usually it has to do with ISO performance, this week it is also pixel peeping Translucent Mirror losses.

Sony does make sensors for other companies.

Sony does make sensors of similar resolution for many of their cameras.

YOU CAN NOT ASSUME SAME MP COUNT means it is a drop in identical Sensor.

1) Technology Evolves - So a camera coming out a year later with the same resolution may be picking up improvements, even if Sony didn't add MP to the sensor.

2) Large customers like Nikon may well order customized versions of sensors, adding or changing functions related to on sensor NR or AD converters etc.

3) The final sensor assembly in the camera includes:

  • Micro-lens layer
  • Bayer Layer
  • One or more IR/UV filters, AA filters, Dust prevention systems etc.

There are too many variables to EVER look at just the maker and the MP count and declare "Same Sensor"  in an attempt to create a cross camera "control."

You can compare similar MP counts on the same format and say Maker N has less noise then Maker S.. but it is very unlikely it is the same sensor assembly.  All of which matter in pixel peeping comparisons.

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