The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: The Philosophy of Nikon Df

Liviu Namolovan wrote:

Of course the D4 sensor does not cost more than the D800 sensor or a D600/610 sensor.

You would know this how?  Given that the sensor is essentially the same size as the D800 sensor, the main determinant of cost would be wafer size, yield, and development cost amortized across the sales volume. The best any of us can do is to guess.

Both sensors are probably running on 200mm wafer lines, so there no inherent cost advantage there.

Given the volume of D800/D600/D610 sensors produced, and sharing of that line with other similar sensors at Sony, it is reasonable to expect that the process is yielding much better than the D4 sensor, which is produced at another fab with lower production volume.
Given the shared R&D for the Exmor sensors between Sony and Nikon, it is probable that development costs for these sensors are much lower than that of the D4 sensor, which is a custom Nikon design.

It is likely then that the D4 sensor is more expensive than the D800 or D600 sensors.  How much more expensive, who knows?

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