Olympus E-M1 shutter shock testing

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Olympus E-M1 shutter shock testing

There have been several posts regarding this issue so this morning I spent several hours testing various lenses with the E-M1 to see if I could lock down why this is such problem. The short answer is I'm not sure but I'm leaning towards element movement within the lens or in my case lenses. The other possibility is that when the shutter opens, the shock causes the chip itself to shake (remember this chip is floating to provide in body stabilization). So here's what I've found with my camera and lenses.

Speeds between 1/90 and 1/250 are a problem with 1/200 being the worst and the resulting shake is always in the vertical direction.

Anti shock mode does not alleviate the problem. The anti shock mode closes the shutter for the selected time prior to the shutter opening, but it's when the shutter opens that the problem occurs.

Stabilization on or off makes no difference.

My MFT 9-18 gives me the biggest problem but the Olympus 12-50 and Panasonic 20mm f1.7 also have shake problems. What's most interesting though is when the 9-18 is set to the 18mm position there's no problem, which is why I think the problem may be in the lenses.

My older E-M5 does not exhibit this problem with any lens.

With a given combination of lens, focal length and shutter speed the resulting shake is infinitely repeatable.

I added a 4.5 lb Arca Swiss ball head to the body which completely eliminated the problem. See comparison image attached.

I tested my 7.5mm Rokinon fisheye lens both with and without the Arca ball head attached to the body at 1/200 sec. This lens has no electronics or AF so the elements inside should be more secure. The results with the ball head were only slightly better than without it. Here again the result may indicate that the vibration caused when the shutter opens is causing elements to move within the lens.

I have no problems with the 45 f1.8, 75 f1.8, 40-150, 60 f2.8 macro, FT 50-200 f2.8-3.5 (with adapter) or any manual focus Nikon lens.

I seriously doubt that firmware can solve the problem with this otherwise wonderful camera. Olympus needs to come up with a solution and issue a recall for those of us affected by this problem. If you're also having this problem the only solution is to either use a tripod or stay away from the shutter speeds I mentioned above.

I'm wondering if anyone has sent their camera to Olympus to fix this?

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