The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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sgoldswo wrote:

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sgoldswo wrote:

Because i use them for different purposes? Because the D800E is good, but not great at higher ISOs? Because a lot of the time I want to use a smaller, lighter camera that has a good range of lenses. Put it this way, the D800E sucks for street and candid shooting.

Just curious - why would you say it sucks? Unless you're mainly shooting at high ISO's, this seems like a silly statement to make?

At lower ISO's (below ISO 800 and esp. at base ISO), the D800 has no match for overall IQ - resolution (and croppability), DR, and color, etc.. Now if you qualified your statement as for available light NIGHT street and candid, the D800E is not the best choice, I'd agree (but it would still be wrong to say it sucks!).

Street shooting is very rarely about image quality, its about the immediacy of the result, blending in, not being a guy with a DSLR with a big lens on it and getting close in to subjects. My experience is that larger, conventional looking DSLRs gets more of a negative reaction than something like a Fuji X, Olympus M43s, a Leica or indeed the Df.

OK - thanks. I get that reaction difference with the smaller cameras you mention, but the Df is not exactly a small camera like those and, with the same small lens mounted, I have a hard time believing a subject would perceive it to be that much different/noticeably smaller than a D800 in the hands of the photographer pointing it at them?

I have no doubt that people do shoot street with DSLRs.

I suspect more than with the other cameras you mention. Anytime, I walk around NYC, I see a huge amount of DSLR's being used...

I know I get better results with a smaller, lighter camera. If that smaller, lighter camera is a DSLR, more's the better!

Sounds like the Df is at least a step in the right direction for your use then.

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