Do you own both an e-pl5 and an em1?

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Barry Stewart
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Still looking for crosshairs...

Thanks for bringing this topic up, Isabel. Fellow E-PL5 owner here. I have my E-M1 in my closet, waiting till I sell off my redundant gear. (It's painful, but I promised.)

Lindsay talks of a 'crosshair'… but may have meant a box made of four corners like these: ‹ › (Sorry… can't make all four corners on the keyboard. They are like the corners you use to tack down photos in an old-style photo album.)

If this is what Lindsay means: yes, I can see these ghosted marks when I have chosen a single green square (not rectangle) for my focus area. This is to remind shooters of where they have locked their focus point. It's pretty subtle, but it's there. When you half-press, the green square pops up where the 4-corners were.

If I choose wide-area focus — where all parts of the green focus grid are sensitive — then there is no ghosted target on the screen. This is my most usual S-AF setting. I half-press the shutter and if the green square (or face detect white square) don't lock where I want them to, I back off and try the half-press again. I only choose a single square if the wide-area (and face detect) aren't working for me.

There is a slight-but-perceptible lag in using the touch-screen shutter compared to the actual button (even in MF), so I usually go with the shutter for people shots or where timing is critical. The touch-screen is a great option, though, if you need to stretch overhead or put the camera in odd places, where the shutter isn't easy to poke.

'Not sure if I've answered your original question — but there's lots in this thread to learn.

The E-PL5 continues to bring me great pleasure. After a year, the "wow" factor hasn't worn thin. I do need the E-M1 for bad weather for my 4/3 lenses, though.

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