Screen protector

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Re: Screen protector

Clayton1985 wrote:

Robgo2 wrote:

You will have a hard time finding a screen protector as good as the Giotto.

Giotto screen protector


Rob -- have you used this on the A7/r? I'm wondering about the fit and whether the edges of the screen protector cover any of the LCD information.

No, I have not used it on an A7/R but on a Pentax K-5II.  Both cameras have 3 inch LCD screens measured diagonally, so the screen protector should fit exactly the same.  On my Pentax, none of the screen itself is covered.  I cannot guarantee that the A7/R is exactly 3 inches, having never measured it, but for $25, you don't have much to lose, especially if you can return the item, if it does not fit.


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