still torn between m43 and Full Frame systems

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Just do it....

You've already proven your point, that m4/3 is working for YOUR needs and just go for it and sell the Canon and use the extra money for more great lenses or a new E-M1

Me personally, I'm keeping my D600 until it's not useful to me anymore.  In a few years maybe.  I'm fortunate in that I can afford to keep both and I do enjoy using the D600 now and then for its killer dynamic range and image quality overall.  But ultimately, I think I'm finally done with DSLR after this.  For ME, I see no real advantage in having a DSLR vs. mirrorless of some sort.  I may end up with another Fuji X in the future depending on how they progress, but for now I think m4/3 is what makes me most happy.

I'm so sick of the DSLR/full frame vs. 'smaller' sensor cameras debate, as far as those who say they wouldn't use a 'small' camera goes because they're so self-righteous about it.  As if we're all too dumb to understand there's a difference with high ISO, depth of field and continuous AF tracking.  If you understand the limitations and differences, smaller cameras can be much better in many situations (even low light) than the full framers.  My recent trip to the dungeon style lighting of the air force museum with the E-M1 proves that.  Even my old Nikon V1 did well in the past.  Just as good in most situations there as my D600 and D700 did.  (hint - it was all about shutter speed, depth of field and image stabilization).

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