Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: Erm no...

It may be the case that cameras with mirrors become a niche, but in my view 35mm format sensor cameras will likely become *more* common, and will likely become dominant in devices that are dedicated to photography (as opposed to multifunction devices with included camera functions - which will be the dominant tools people use to take pictures).  Dedicated cameras themselves will be the niche product, and in my opinion they will be segmented from phone cameras by large sensors.
The reason large sensors will become more common is simple:  they are getting cheaper, and this trend will continue.  If anything, we may see medium format sensor cameras becoming more common (relatively speaking - that is, within the world of dedicated cameras).

I think that mirrorless cameras will become more common among enthusiasts but there will always be a place for SLRs among certain segments.

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