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Build or buy


My father built me a new desktop and included an old version of xp which I could install and upgrade as I desired.  I told him to leave the xp off so I could just purchase a new copy of windows 7 (as I'm still using xp).  I use PS CS5 and some plug-ins and the xp machine is dying, not to mention slow.

I looked around for a copy of windows 7, ready to pay the reduced price for an older operating system, only to find the typical corporate slight of hand with the disclaimers within the EULA's, and the reviews which had too many 'don't buy this' summaries.

So seeing the price of a full copy of windows 7, I figured I'd just spend an extra couple hundred to get a working machine, which is 64 bit, with at least 8 gigs ram, etc.

I looked into Ubuntu, but never having used it, I don't yet have the energy to start this type of project.

Thought I'd ask here to see what experience and opinions you all would have.

What am I missing?  For $500.00 bucks I can get a machine that will use more than 4 gigs of ram, run 64 bit (if that's really necessary) and have at least a little corporate support.

I'd love to build my own machine, but it seems the software is too expensive to run.

Thanks for any input.


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