still torn between m43 and Full Frame systems

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You think you have problems!!!

I recently bought the E-M1 so am relatively new to M43 but seem to be facing the same challenges. My 5D Mk2 sits in the bag and then I have a Leica M9 sitting in another bag.

I'm trying to justify keeping the M9 for its portability and quality of glass (just bought a couple of lens mount adapters and waiting for them to arrive) and the manual pretty much everything on an M9 is a delight so it's staying.

Last trip was to Mexico so I took the Olympus and 5D Mk2 with me (so much for portability!). I ended up smacking the rear lcd of the 5D so it is now cracked and have decided that I won't replace it for now as it still works and I'm not too sure what direction I'm going.

I leave for Mexico again next week and have bought a few adapter rings so that I can use my Lee system on the Olympus and I must admit that being able to carry it all in a bag over my shoulder rather than a back pack is a big win.

The evf blacking out is something to get used to definitely. I prefer to think of it as a film camera and not chimp I have it set to no review so it is almost like the mirror going up on a dslr. The evf is very good but it's not WYSIWYG so that's a bit odd too, always a pleasant surprise to see the actuall image when you do sit down and review what you shot.

I plan on landscapes and bird shots in Mexico and a few long exposures using the Lee Big Stopper so we'll see how it compares to the 5D mk2 in those areas.

I'm not big on techie geekie pixel peeping, for me it's about the emotion of the image as well as the experience of making the photo, the few less megapixels won't bother me and noise hasn't been an issue, if I need a flashlight to see I work on the assumption that there is no light and photography is about the light

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